richard mckie

A self confessed generalist, Richard has experience across a multitude of disciplines at all levels of both large and small organisations – from retail to pharmaceuticals; national charity to multi-national; corporate to entrepreneur; systems to procurement to finance to recruitment … and more!

Aside from music, Richard's main passion is for people, their development and ultimately their fulfilment.  Here, 'making sense' of things is his chief contribution – getting some context and perspective that allow individuals to visualise a bigger picture from which they get see a meaningful destination and how they might get there. All with a natural empathy a genuine belief in people!


jill chapman

BA, MSc, AFBPSs, CPsychol. Organisational Psychologist 

Jill is an HPC Registered Psychologist. She is a highly experienced facilitator, coach and mindfulness trainer, and is qualified in a wide range of tools and instruments to enable people to achieve their full potential.  She has international experience working in public, private and not for profit sectors.  Jill uses Mindfulness, Acceptance and Commitment Training and a range of psychological tools and techniques in her work with her diverse range of clients from Board members to graduates and participants in Create Community Network’s programmes.  Jill is a Director of the co-operative Create Seven and Director of the Create Community Network.


zobaida alam

Prior to joining CCN, Zobaida worked in a public sector organisation for many years in a variety of administrative and community engagement roles. This provided ample opportunities to develop her skills in working with diverse and hard to reach community groups. She has transferred many of these skills and her knowledge from a large public sector organisation to a local community organisation which is people focused. She is passionate about supporting people to overcome barriers, build confidence and make positive changes which are sustainable.

Zobaida has been a learning mentor at Create Community Network (CCN) since January 2017. Her role is to support BBO participants to work at their own pace and achieve their full potential – whether that’s volunteering, returning to education or employment.


andrea pearce

BSc, MSc, MBPsS, PABP, Business Psychologist

Andrea is a Business Psychologist and highly experienced trainer, facilitator and coach. Her expertise includes recruitment, people development, design and delivery of workshops and training programmes, and career coaching.

Andrea’s passion is supporting, developing and enriching the lives of people within the community, harnessing her knowledge of psychology and employability skills towards developing individual self-esteem, resilience, well-being, personal growth, life skills and employability. She thoroughly enjoys facilitating creative, interactive and fun solutions that maximise people’s learning, development and behavioural change.

Furthermore, Andrea enjoys using her considerable interpersonal, organisational and problem solving skills through an additional operations and funding partner liaison role with Create Community Network, and is also an Associate Lecturer on Psychology Modules for the Open University.


gary king

BA. (Hons), MSc. Outdoor Leadership & Development Psychologist 

Gary is a Psychologist and qualified Outdoor Learning and Development Facilitator.  He applies his experience, knowledge and understanding to challenge and support leaders in their development, as well as young people and adults in community development programmes.  He has led many wilderness expeditions and successfully undertook a seven-day solo trek in the Pyrenees. Gary is passionate about developing better leaders who will positively influence organisations, communities and governments, and ultimately produce better societies. He is interested in the practical use of psychological leadership development models, as well as using the outdoors and wild places as a vehicle for delivery. Such an approach isn’t necessarily in the traditional ‘fear-invoking’ or ‘thrill-seeking’ team building style: his approach is experiential, contemplative and considered. Gary is also a Director of the co-operative Create Seven.